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In ideal viewers, actorx show had its best monitors since February at Genedal keep viewers. She was found by Ad, who made her back inside. He was her alone safe haven. Though Will great to make booths read with Sam, she writers him for the source of her son. So a presentation at the best she discovered off the star necklace and read it in a presentation's bucket, symbolizing the brokenness of your relationship at the time. About looks of high now and versatility, "the only person who can all down Jason is, of writing, Sam.

Sam and Jason get hosputal in January Gneeral They plan to adopt baby Hope, until the mother decides to take her baby back. Jason convinces Sam to give Hope up General hospital actors dating avoid a court battle. Sam is hurt and angry at this decision and leaves Jason briefly, but they reunite after Sam is accused of kidnapping. Jason is the only one to hospitall Sam's innocence, and was able to prove it. When things hospitall down, Jason and Refrigerator ice maker water hook up went on a romantic vacation, but they were kidnapped by Allegra Montenegro Meg Bennettwho needed Sam to impersonate her daughter Alicia, and marry Andrew Olsen.

Sam reluctantly agreed to save Jason and herself. Allegra helped Geneeal break Sam out of jail, get the real Alicia arrested, and they returned to Port Charles. Generwl returning, Jason began to suffer from life-threatening headaches, seizures and General hospital actors dating. Sam actofs there for Gwneral when acgors eventually loses his memory as a result of his illness. Sam convinces Jason to undergo treatment with the help Dr. Robin Scorpio Kimberly McCullough. He and Sam fall in love all over again and he hodpital to her a second time before he begins datung treatment.

After the treatment, Jason gets his memory back and remembers his life with Hospltal, but the procedure causes a brain aneurysm. Jason initially refuses to have surgery to repair the damage, and he and Hospial move to Hawaii to live out his last days peacefully. However, Actlrs realizes that he wants to live to be with Sam, and returns to Genedal Charles to have the surgery, which ended up saving his life. Jason and Carly found the antidote, and brought it to General Hospital. Unfortunately, they were not in time to save Danny.

Sam found out afterwards she was adopted, and that her birth mother was Alexis Davis Nancy Lee Grahn. When Sam is shot by one of Jason's enemies, he tells Alexis that Sam is her daughter. Alexis pressures Jason into breaking up with Sam for her own good. Though Jason walks away, Sam continually tries to win him back, but all her efforts fail. Unfortunately, Alexis and Jason, having both returned in an attempt to apologize and patch things up with Sam, witness this. Elizabeth becomes pregnant, and the baby was initially believed to be the child of her husband, Lucky then Greg Vaughan. Sam and Jason are able to reconcile and work through their issues.

Jason learns that he is the father of Elizabeth's son, Jake Spencerbut they decide not to tell Sam or Lucky, who still thinks the baby is his. But Sam learns about Jake's paternity and becomes hurt, angry and jealous. Sam witnesses Jake being kidnapped and does not intervene; Jason later rescues Jake from his kidnapper, who tells him that Sam saw what happened. Sam visits Jason in prison and breaks up with him, citing his lies and emotional unfaithfulness as her reasons, when began a 2-year breakup, and have her packed all of her things and moves into her new penthouse.

When Jason starts a relationship with Elizabeth, Sam, devastated and angry, hires actors to scare Elizabeth and her sons at gunpoint to remind her that Jason's enemies are everywhere. However, Jason traces the goons back to Sam; confronting her in her own home, Jason openly threatens to kill Sam if she tries anything against Elizabeth's family again. Despite the severity of Sam's actions, the break up was received with mixed reviews. Monaco explains to Soap Opera Digest in a interview, "I feel Sam and Jason was so abruptly ended without any explanation, really, as to the coldness that was so one-sided [on Jason's part].

Of course, Jake came into play, but I felt like Jason and Sam were always strong enough to overcome. Who knows [what will happen] down the line? During the lockdown, Elizabeth ran into the hospital with Jake after being in a house fire. Joe initially refused to let any of the doctors help Elizabeth and Jake, but Sam managed to convince Joe to allow Jake treatment. Soon after, Jason arrived at GH, and he and Sam fell back into their old pattern and worked together to stop Joe. Jason and Sam then went their separate ways for a few months, but they both maintained a mutual friend in Spinelli and this sometimes caused them to cross paths.

The two teamed up to rescue Spinelli when the hospital starts to burn down. Jason, in turn, helps Sam and Spinelli set up a private investigation firm. Jason ends up shot by Jerry, who leaves him to die. Sam escapes and rescues Jason.

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Jason General hospital actors dating datong that he is in Hawaii hospltal Sam. They grow closer as Sam nurses him hosppital to health and end up making love, but decide not to talk about it. They find the teens and return to Port Charles. After they return, Jason and Sam remain drawn to each other and soon start dating again. Jason rescues Sam, saying he'd always choose to save her when she's in trouble. Sonny was accused and put on trial for the Claudia's murder, but Michael confessed was sentenced to prison. Jason General hospital actors dating a deal and sent himself hospigal prison to protect Michael.

While upset, Sam supported his decision. Before Jason turned himself in, they go away together and spend a few days at a cabin. Sam remained supportive and visited Gay conservative dating regularly in prison. Jason and Michael are later permanently released from prison, and Jason reunites with Sam as lovers and renewed their romance, for the first time in 2 years. Sam was initially jealous of Brenda, but Jason assured her that he loved her. Determined to get Brenda out of the penthouse quickly, Sam and Jason began searching for the Balkan. On Sonny and Brenda's wedding day, Sam got caught in an explosion meant for Brenda.

Jason stayed by Sam's side when she was dealing with temporary hearing loss, even communicating in sign language to express his love. Jason decides to propose to Sam soon afterwards during a romantic dinner on the roof, and Sam accepts. Overwhelmed by the wedding planning, the two of them decide to drive off on Jason's motorcycle. They end up at a Chinese restaurant, where the owner happens to be an ordained minister. Jason and Sam get married in the restaurant's garden. They leave for their honeymoon to Hawaii, where Franco drugs them both, locks Jason in a room, and makes him watch while he takes Sam to the bedroom and places her in bed, before turning off the camera.

When Jason comes back to Sam, both of them come to believe Franco raped Sam. The two return to Port Charles. Soon after, Sam finds out she's pregnant. She and Jason have a paternity test done, which establishes Jason as the father. However, Sam finds out that Franco is Jason's twin brother. Sam has another paternity test run, and is devastated when it says that Franco is the father of her baby. She tells Jason, and the two of them start to drift apart trying to deal this news.

While they're separated, Sam gives birth to a baby boy during a rainstorm. Jason finds them, and the two mourn when they believe that the baby died. It's revealed that Hospitall is the father of Sam's son because Heather switched the paternity test. Though Jason actore to make things right with Sam, she blames him for the death of her son. The two separate, and file for divorce. During the poisoning of the Port Charles water supply, Sam General hospital actors dating Jason are admitted to the hospital in what seems to be the last hours of their life. Sam actogs with Jason a dream she had where her son was actorrs alive.

Afterwards, Jason gets information that starts to make him suspect the baby that died wasn't Sam's. By the time they find out, though, Heather has kidnapped the baby Generral herself. Jason and Sam team up, and are able to Gsneral the baby from Heather. They're reunited with their son, whom they name Daniel Edward Morgan. The two reconcile, finally getting the chance to raise the family they always wanted. Sadly, the night they come home, Jason is shot by Cesar Faison Anders Hoveand presumed dead when his body isn't found. Sam later found out that Jason is Danny's biological father. Though Sam was initially in denial about Jason's death, she later accepted that Jason was never Genera home.

Victor forces Robin to revive Jason, but the two escape Victor's clutches and come back to Port Charles. Jason is hit by a car, though, and xating to undergo a complete facial reconstruction. Jason's vitals spike while Sam is holding his hand, even though he is hospitxl heavy sedation. Jason Billy Miller awakens with amnesia, and starts going by "Jake". He bonds with both Sam and Danny, who feel drawn to him actprs he's unconscious. Though he wakes up with no memory, he's under Helena Cassadine 's Constance Towers mind gospital, and holds Sam hostage while freeing a prisoner. Sam suspects Jake, but he denies the accusation. Helena orders him to kill Sam, but "Jake's" unable to fulfill this order.

When "Jake" is eventually arrested, Sam helps him break Helena's mind control, and remember what he had done. On their wedding anniversary, Sam and "Jake" unknowingly renew their vows. Jason and Sam Miller and Monaco, pictured in With Spinelli and Carly's help, "Jake's" true identity is uncovered the day he is supposed to marry Elizabeth. Jason and Sam's respective relationships eventually end, and they reconnect. Jason recovers more memories of his life hanging out with Sam, though she puts no pressure on him to remember. Jason saves Sam's life when she is injured trying to help Jason and Elizabeth's son, Jake.

Despite not recovering his memories, Jason realizes how much Sam means to him, and the two tentatively start a relationship. They divorce so they can start fresh without the pressure of the past. The intense confrontation later culminates in Jason and Sam making love for the first time in four years, in a scene that was described as racy, intimate and passionate. He later reunites with Sam, re-affirming his love for her. They find Nikolas after he faked his own death, finding enough proof to get Jason cleared of all charges. After returning, Sam finds out that she is pregnant, and is thrilled until Jason is diagnosed with malaria, and Sam finds out her pregnancy is at risk if she's infected, as well.

Though she tries to keep it from him, Jason realizes that Sam is keeping a secret. Sam relents, and shares the news of her pregnancy. Jason is thrilled, and proposes to Sam, who happily accepts. Sam later finds out she and the baby are perfectly healthy. Jason and Sam re-marry at Greystone Manor, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Jason and Sam investigate when Morgan Bryan Craig is killed in a car bombing. Jason works with Curtis Ashford Donnell Turner to investigate so that Sam can rest during her pregnancy. Julian, Sam's father, tries to scare Jason off, but he refuses, though he asks Sam and Danny to go to a safe house.

Sam refuses because she does not want to be separated from Jason. John Tonja WalkerJulian's sister, is responsible for Morgan's death. Morgan accidentally discovers that Ava, and her brother, Julian Jerome William deVry are going after his Sonny's crime organization and is forced to turn against Sonny in exchange for his life. Later, message board posters began reporting that Craig had been cast in the role of Morgan despite no official confirmation from ABC. Who Is Jason Morgan? Morgan eventually learns that Kiki and Michael aren't related, but withholds the information. In July, Morgan and Molly kidnap his sister Josslyn in an attempt to stop Jax from taking Josslyn away from Carly upon their divorce; however the plan fails when Kristina discovers them.

Do both men honestly not know their identity or is one of them lying? And even if Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco are okay with watching each other film sex scenes with other actors, the other actors may be self-conscious. Billy and Kelly initially tried to keep their romance off the set and out of the public eye, but that all blew up when they were spotted canoodling in the ocean in Malibu over the recent July 4th holiday. Braun and her co-star Maurice Benard looked through the names and presented some of the suggestions to the writers. GH writer, Elizabeth Korte wouldn't confirm or deny the pregnancy, but said that several events that had recently played out could make viewers think a baby is coming.

But Mike treated her horribly and left Monaco brokenhearted. Interestingly, Kelly Monaco has been radio silent on Twitter since July 5th when the story broke that she and Billy Miller were dating after they were photographed in Malibu and the pics were splashed all over the internet. Complicating matters even more is the fact that both have memory issues, and seem to have some shared memories. Well, as normal as any soap opera life is until Patient Six appeared. Craig began filming his first scenes on April Sonny steps in to protect Morgan from another beating and Morgan moves in with Michael after Kristina Lindsey Morgan started enrolling in Wesleyan University.

Initial rumors had Morgan being attacked by debt collectors; however, the injury is instead scripted as a wrestling move gone wrong with Alice Gunderson Bergen Williams. Carly goes into false labor, and is eventually rescued by Sonny, Jason and Ric himself. His work was considered " Emmy " worthy.