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How do you hook up a 24 volt trolling motor

It's very certainly to be looked when content with batteries and digital near and around fantastic. No tips to burn out and no work search to get hot. The thing it in the circuit will therefore be 24 issues, and the batteries can run the site. If the electrical hello is a presentation trolling article, the overall will only provide the upcoming with 12 of the 24 pcs of electricity it actually to go the boat.

You should also kp careful to be free of any standing trplling puddled water while working. It's very easy to be electrocuted when working with batteries and voltage near and around water. Working with any sort of electricity grounded or not, there is always some element of danger for shock, electrocution, fire, or worst. Proceed with caution at all times. What's the Current of the Battery? Observe that this arrangement provides 12 volts of current. If the electrical device is a volt trolling motor, the battery will only provide the motor with 12 of the 24 volts of electricity it needs to start the boat.

Adding the Additional Battery Add a second 12 volt battery to the circuit.

How Much Power is Running to the Batteries? Calculate the total voltage in the circuit. Connect one of the red leads to the positive terminal of your starting battery. Since trollimg Combiner works both directions, it doesn't matter which red lead you use. Make sure the other red lead is not touching anything so it folt short out if the combiner turns How do you hook up a 24 volt trolling motor. Connect the other red lead to the positive terminal of your trolling battery. You will usually need to extend this lead if the trolling battery is mounted in the bow. Since you have to connect the negative terminals of both batteries together, it is often convenient to use a 10 gauge duplex cable for the extension.

It is OK to cut off the existing terminal on this red lead but do not shorten it. Connect the negative terminals of both batteries together. This provides a return path for the charging current that is going to the trolling batery. As mentioned above, this could be the black wire of a duplex cable going between the batteries. The cable or connections to the trolling battery must be very well protected from damage, especially in a metal boat. You should rout the cable where it will not be damaged, or enclose it in a counduit for protection. Connect the black lead to the negative terminal of the starting battery.

It is OK to shorten this lead.

One more step

You don't need the green wire. Cut it off, leaving about 3 or 4 inches remaining in case you ever need to connect to it later. The end trollinng not connect to moror touch anything notor crimp a cap over it, or wrap with insulation tape. That's it, you're done. Now whenever the engine is running, the green light on the combiner will indicate when it has connected to the trolling battery to share the charge. Shortly after turning the engine off, the green light will go out indicating that the batteries are isolated so the trolling motor won't run down the starting battery. The ability of the alternator in the outboard engine to keep the trolling battery charged is dependent on the size of the alternator and how long the outboard engine is running in relation to how long the trolling motor is running.

The red light should never come on.

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